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Product Life Cycle—Sustainability

How to Gain Value for Green Initiatives

If you offer a green product or service or if you operate in a green environment, this is a valuable marketing opportunity. Nowadays, consumers and businesses prefer to do business with those who demonstrate environmental concern. According to a study released by Environmental Leader in January of 2010 “customers reward marketing and advertising that employs ‘Green’ messages.” Follow these simple marketing rules for successful green marketing:

  • Let your audience know that your company, products or services are green
  • Never “greenwash.” That is, don’t make green claims that you cannot substantiate
  • Make green certifications visible on your website and in all marketing materials
  • Educate and inform your customer base and target audiences
  • Get third-party endorsement using public relations to validate your claims
  • Let your employees know about your green policies to generate pride and spread the message

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Green Council Member Contribution:

Rosemarie Monaco, Group M Inc, Public Relations & Marketing,

Green Design Ideas

Window Coverings have become a core issue in the discussion of Sustainability and Green Building. Whether it is solar control or glare problems or as it relates to Daylighting for LEED certification, window coverings offer effective solutions for commercial interiors.


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Decorating with Fabric - Neil Gordon, 201-661-8322


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Michael Shilale Architects, Sustainable Solutions

Go Green Resources

Ira Wickes, Green Council Green Toolkit member

RBA Green Council Mission

Assist members in realizing bottom line benefits of going green

Empower members to find the sustainable solutions best suited for their businesses by providing information on available educational, service and product resources they need

Advocate for members on related environmental issues affect the business community