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About RBA: RBA Ambassador's Program

To get the most out of your RBA membership, contact an ambassador.

The ambassador group, chaired by Irving Zuckerman of Verticon, Ltd. Construction, are your mentors and guide as you actively pursue your business goals.

Vital assets to the RBA mission are the omnipresent RBA Ambassadors. You can recognize them at any RBA event by the badges they wear.

Ambassadors are expert networkers who know the business scene in Rockland and can help new members make the connections they need to succeed. They are also, by necessity, friendly, outgoing people who want to make a difference.

Do you want to become a RBA Ambassador?

Fill out this application.

"I'd gotten so much out of the RBA in my five or six years that I started thinking of ways I could give back. A bigger organization leads to more opportunity for everyone. Since the RBA has grown so fast over the last few years, the importance of the Ambassadors has increased." -- Fran Reinstein

Irving Zuckerman
Irving Zuckerman
Chair - RBA Ambassadors



Eric Black, MAS
All Types Advertising, Inc.


Barry Dorfman
Liberty Mutual Group


Joseph Fimmano
J. Fimmano & Associates


Kevin Hardy
KLS Transportation


Gary Lipton
Gary Lipton, Esq.


Julie Prevost
Putnam County Savings Bank


Fran Reinstein, KeyBank
Fran Reinstein


Odila Roman

Robert Salmon, H&S Sales & Consultants
Robert Salmon
H&S Sales & Consultants, Inc.


Bonnie Werk, TD Bank
Bonnie Werk
TD Bank