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Technology Initiative

Sponsored by: Atlantic,Tomorrow's Office sponsors the Rockland Business Association's Technology Initiative

chaired by
: Justin Schwartz

March's RBA Technology Initiative

On March 8th, Anthony Patton of 1547 Critical Systems Realty Datacenter spoke to the group on cyber security, co-location, cloud & disaster recovery solutions.


January RBA Technology Initiative

The RBA Technology Initiative Committee met on January 11, 2017 at the Rockland Community College Extension. 

Justin Schwartz, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office and Brian Campbell, RocklandPros spoke on "Disruptive Trends in Technology for 2017:  Automated Banking; Big Data; The Internet of Everything Truly Begins; Mobility Will Continue to Dominate and Marijuana Tech Will Thrive." 

RBA Technology participants
(front) Joseph Vitulli, Mar-Seph Consulting; Tim Englert, Green Street Solar Power; Joan Neumann, RBA; Luisa Echon, People's United Bank; (back) Anthony Patton, 1547 Critical Systems Realty; Oliver Dirks, USI Insurance; Tom Hickey, LCM 24/7; Alison Paul, Rockland BOCES; Andres Rabinovich; John Fallon, JMK Technoology; Michael Khekoian, Computuners; Brian Campbell, Rockland Professional Services and Tim Bellew, First Light Fiber.  Missing in picture: Justin Schwartz, Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office.

Disruptive Trends in Technology for 2017

View the presentation

Disruptive Trends in Technology for 2017

Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery

View the presentation

Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery

Cyber Security - The Largest Threat To Businesses' Viability and How You Can Mitigate The Risk

The RBA Technology Initiative subsidiary group held their November 9th meeting on Cyber Security - The Largest Threat To Businesses' Viability and How You Can Mitigate The Risk.  The meeting featured panelists: Yigal Rechtman of Grassi & Company; Oliver Dirks and Jack Coomber of USI Insurance and Danya Cohan, Gotham Telecom.

RBA Technology Initative meeting and discussion.

A recent article on hacking:

ANDERSON, Ind. —  Technology helps make election results immediately available in many communities across the country via the touch or tap of a fingertip. But the election results cannot be posted online through one central Indiana county's website because of a crippling ransomware attack on county government computers last week, officials said Tuesday afternoon.

Votes cast by residents in Madison County, Indiana, have not been affected.

Ransomware, a type of malicious software program designed to block access to a computer system and files until a sum of money is paid, encrypts files, preventing anyone without encryption code from accessing them.

At about 3 p.m. Tuesday, county clerk Darlene Likens said the server used to post election results online had been affected by the attack.

The attack on the county’s resources comes amid widespread anxiety and preparation linked to fears of hacking of the nation’s presidential election.

Tallies will be kept by the county clerk's office as they are brought in after the polls close.

As they are counted, results will be distributed — as they were decades ago — to the news media and officials by printouts.

"That's it — paper. We're going back to the golden days," Likens said.

Likens said the office's fax machine and email system were also affected by the attack.

On the advice of its insurance company, county officials are paying the ransom demands made by the unknown ransomware group. But full access to the computer server is not expected until later in the week.

The Anderson, Indiana Herald Bulletin contributed details to this story. This story will be updated as information becomes available. 


Past Presentations

"How To Assess Cyber-Security Threats?
The Not-so-Fun Facts

Why is Cyber Security Important?
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Grow Your Business with Social Media

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Tech Trends for 2016

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