RBA Subsidiary Groups

The Rockland Business Association's subsidiary groups are an invaluable resource for businesses of all sizes in Rockland County, New York. These councils provide a forum for businesses to connect with each other, share ideas, and collaborate on common goals. They also offer a variety of programs and services to help businesses grow and succeed.

Through participation in the subsidiary groups, businesses can:

  • Network with other businesses in their industry and community
  • Share best practices and learn from other businesses' successes
  • Advocate for policies that support businesses in Rockland County
  • Access resources and training to help their businesses grow
  • Get involved in their community and make a positive impact

The Rockland Business Association is committed to providing its members with the resources and support they need to succeed. The subsidiary groups are just one example of the many ways the association helps businesses thrive in Rockland County.

To participate in and learn more about the RBA subsidiary groups, get in touch!

RBA Subsidiary Groups

Construction, Real Estate and Development Council (CRED)

CRED supports and empowers RBA members who are in real estate, development, construction and related fields through networking, resource sharing, advocacy and education.

Sponsored by

Economic Development and Government Affairs

Provide a focal point for the RBA’s ongoing advocacy efforts. This committee is charged with advancing pro-active business initiatives.

Sponsored by


Green Council

To educate, promote and advocate to the business community the benefits of adopting “Green” principles.

Sponsored by

Hospitality and Tourism Alliance

Serves as a clearing house on issues affecting this vital segment of Rockland’s economy.

Sponsored by


HR Connexions Group

Where corporate HR professionals come together to learn and discuss pertinent, timely HR and legislative issues which affect their day-to-day functions and HR operations.

Sponsorship Available

Professional Marketing Council

To grow and support the professional enrichment of RBA members in the marketing field. For Marketing Department Personnel, Agency Owners, Executives and Managers.

Sponsorship Available

Technology Initiative

Educational and interactive discussions addressing the ever-changing business needs in the technology and computer industries.

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Women’s Leadership Council

Our goal is to strengthen and empower women’s leadership and business skills utilizing speakers, panel discussions, facilitated brainstorming and team interactions. Access to up-to-date information, resources and programs.

Sponsorship Available

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