membership application

Thank you for your interest in Membership in the Rockland Business Association.  Annual Membership dues are based on the number of employees and business classification.

Join the Rockland Business Association today and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to fostering business growth in Rockland County. Connect with local entrepreneurs, access valuable resources, and participate in events designed to enhance your business success. Don't miss out on the opportunity to network, learn, and grow with us. Become a member now and start shaping the future of your business in Rockland County!

Businesses can pay securely with a credit card using the form below; a fee is added to the payment to cover processing costs. You can also mail a check to the RBA for your dues payment.  A one-time processing fee of $25 is added to the annual dues.

The Rockland Business Association will be in contact with you to review this application.  Questions?  Get in touch!

Annual Dues Schedule for Companies

Number of Employees Annual Dues
1 - 5$470
6 - 10$585
11 -25$810
26 - 50$1,060
51 -100$1,450
101 -150$1,820
151 - 200$2,450
201 - 300$2,795
301 - 999$3,100
1,000 plus$3,775

Annual Dues Schedule for
Charitable 501(c)3 Companies

Number of Employees Annual Dues
1 - 25$400
26 - 100$670
101 plus$1,315

This is an application for NEW members of the Rockland Business Association.   Please use this page for membership renewals.